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Living Together Learning Together


Encapsulates the spirit of our school.  We believe in developing respect for each others' individuality, the ability to work co-operatively and in everyone taking part in the learning process.


The facilities offered by our modern, spacious building and extensive grounds are excellent.  For September 2012 we will have about 322 children organised into 12 mixed ability classes, each with its own teacher. There is a Learning Support Team of 9 staff who work with children both in and out of class.  The Lower School is organised into 6 classes; three with Year 3 children and three with Year 4.  The Upper School is organised into three Year 5 classes and three Year 6 classes.  Teachers’ PPA time (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) is covered by our own staff in the afternoons. The ICT suite, Music/Drama Room, Library and Food Technology Area provide additional indoor learning areas.


Children's learning is greatly enhanced by regular use of our extensive outdoor facilities.   The outdoor classroom, pond conservation area and nature trail are used to extend children's learning beyond the classroom and to develop the children's understanding of the environment.  The Adventure Playground provides opportunities for play and developing problem solving skills.  Playtimes and games lessons take place on our two fields and three playgrounds.


Each child's success and happiness is of vital importance to us.  We believe that high self esteem and parental involvement are crucial to children's ability to learn and so everything we do is directed towards achieving this.  We cannot do this on our own, your support is paramount which is why we take every opportunity to involve parents and families.



Our Mission Statement 

At Elson Junior School your child and their future matters. Through challenge, enjoyable experiences and your involvement we will all meet our aspirations.


We want everyone to feel welcome and be proud of their involvement in the school. We will promote our belief that everyone should be valued and respected and will actively encourage the participation of parents, children, governors and staff in achieving success in the school.


Mrs Celia Rich - Headteacher

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